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Most domestic drainage systems in the UK are made up of fairly narrow clay pipes that are often called upon to serve several houses at once. Many have some kind of small defect – misaligned joints, near-invisible fractures, occasional leaks and any number of other little flaws – but by and large they keep on working despite it all without much immediate need for Ashley drain services.

Sometimes, though, this is not the case. All sorts of things can happen to cause your household drains to block up and mean that you need to call in an Ashley drain services company, and here are a few of the most common:

– Bad habits that build up over time and lead to blockages. People sometimes try to flush things down the toilet that won’t break up or dissolve – never do this; even if you get the stuff down there in the first place, it’s not going to magically disappear. Sanitary products, disposable nappies, cotton buds and all the rest of it will all get stuck somewhere a little further along the pipes, and over time these can build up into a serious problem requiring professional help.

– Tree roots and other plants and weeds love the warm, damp conditions produced by drains. This means that they try hard to grow all over them, and often in ways that really aren’t doing your drainage systems any favours. You should frequently check your drains for tree root or other botanical ingress, but if they’ve got the better of you then please do not try to clear them yourself – you could cause more damage this way.

– Grease, fat and other kitchen waste frequently builds up in the pipes, particularly around the grids protecting them from the outside. This is virtually impossible to avoid, but you can minimise the risk by cleaning out the grid every so often and performing good drain maintenance. This will help you to prolong the period before a drain service needs to get in there for you.

– Not all drain maintenance issues are the homeowner’s fault, of course! Some older properties are still served by crumbling, outdated pipework that breaks easily and can suffer from a wide variety of ailments – leaving local residents to suffer from the effects.

house drains– Sometimes, too, accidental damage is caused to these systems; people aren’t always as careful as they could be when putting down fence posts, for example, or laying foundations for a new conservatory extension. By and large, the perpetrators aren’t aware of the risks and didn’t even know they needed to check for local drainage pipes – but the effects can be disastrous nonetheless

If you think any of these things have become a problem for your household – or your drains require drain maintenance for any other reason – then please do pick up the phone and give us a call now, and we’ll get our professional drainage services out to you as soon as possible – without risking any of the many problems associated with DIY drainage ‘fixes’. When expert Ashley drain service is what you need, get in touch with us right away.

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