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Marple drain servicesDrains at a local business or residential home have the potential to become blocked. A blocked drain is the main cause for backups that lead to flooding. If flooding occurs at a home or business, then there is the potential for extensive damage. Regular drain maintenance is needed to prevent flooding. The drains at a business location or residential home may also need to be repaired. A Marple drain services company needs to evaluate a drain to discover the extent of the problem.

Marple drain services companies use a variety of tools and methods to perform drain maintenance. A drain that is blocked may need to be cleared to restore water flow. The type of repair that is needed for a pipe depends on its condition. The drain service technician will conduct a CCTV survey to see inside a drainage system. This is done by inserting a rod with an attached camera inside the pipe. The rod is then pushed down the length of the drain pipe. The video image from the camera is sent to a display monitor. Drain problems identified by a CCTV survey include damage and blockage.

Common types of blockage in a drain pipe include aggressive tree roots, paper waste and grease. Drain cleaning will be done using one of two methods. One option is to use a drain rod. A rod will bore into a drain and restore water flow. However, this method does not guarantee a clean drain. Another option to clean a drain is called water jetting.

Advanced Methods

drain servicesWater jetting is the preferred method of drainage services companies for performing typical drain maintenance. The nozzle for the hose is inserted into the pipe. Water comes out of the hose at high pressure and will forcibly remove any type of debris from the pipe. This includes tree roots that have broken into the pipe and a build up of greases that have blocked water flow.

If a CCTV survey indicates a leak or cracks on the drain pipe, then another type of repair is needed. Pipes with a crack or are leaking can be patched or relined. The most common type of repair for a drainage pipe is relining. A drain pipe will need to be free or any blockage, such as tree roots and paper waste before a repair can be made.

Relining a drain pipe can now be done without digging up the drain pipe. This is known as a trenchless or no dig repair. A sleeve with a new liner is inserted into the drain pipe and is inflated with water or by using compressed water. Epoxy is used to adhere the liner to the inside of the pipe. The result is a drain pipe that will last for many years into the future.

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