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Moston drain servicesLocal businesses and residential homes with problem drain pipes will need a solution from a dedicated Moston drain services company. Foul smelling odours from a drainage system may indicate a leak. A leak found in a drain pipe will need to be repaired or replaced. Replacing a drain pipe is typically the last option if no other solutions will fix the problem.

The first action performed before starting any type of drain maintenance is to visually inspect the drain pipe. This is done by conducting a CCTV survey. A drain service technician will insert the end of a rod into the pipe. The rod will have a camera that sends a video signal to a monitor. This allows a technician to see the inside of the drain pipe and locate any problem areas. If the drain is full of debris, then it can be cleaned and then rechecked with another CCTV survey.

Traditional drainage system repair involved digging up the pipe. This process is time consuming and is destructive to the property. A newer method that is being used to repair drain pipes does not require the pipe to be dug up. No-dig technology allows Moston drain services companies to use a patch to fix a leak or to completely reline the entire pipe. A patch or liner is attached with an epoxy and acts as a new pipe.

Blocked pipes need to be cleaned before any patching or relining can occur. Clearing blockage in drain pipes is done by re-rounding. This is a process of removing all the debris in the pipe. The best way that this is done is by water jetting. A high pressure water hose is used to scour the inside of the pipe. Water at high pressure will completely remove debris and re-round the pipe.

Advanced Techniques

drain servicesNo-dig solutions for repairing a drain pipe make the process more efficient. The most common way that a drain pipe is repaired from the inside is by relining. A liner is pulled through the existing drain before being expanded with compressed air or water.

Drainage pipes of all sizes are candidates for patching or relining. Many times digging up drain pipes is not practical or will be disruptive to a business or residence. One common cause of a leaking drain pipe is due to the growth of tree roots. Water-jetting that is used to remove the root may expose sections that are cracked. Cracks in a pipe will leak if they are not properly repaired.

Relining or patching solutions provided by drainage services companies is a cost-effective option to fix most types of drain pipe problems. Contact a Moston drain services company to schedule a CCTV survey to see if any drain maintenance is needed. 

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