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Openshaw drain servicesTypical drain maintenance involves removing debris that is causing a clog or some other problem. This is a task that needs to be performed by a  professional Openshaw drain services company. Problems that occur with a drainage system include blockages caused by tree roots, grease, and other debris. Leaks in a pipe will also be a problem that requires a specific solution. An Openshaw drain services company will need to view the pipe to see the extent of the problem.

Pinpointing the cause of a drainage system problem is the first step that needs to be done before repairs can be started. The best way to pinpoint a problem is with a CCTV survey. A camera that is attached to the end of a rod is used to view the inside of a drain pipe. The Openshaw drain services technician will determine if a problem exists by viewing the camera image on a monitor. A CCTV survey will indicate if there is an issue, such as blockage or cracking. The extent of the problem will then be evaluated to decide what needs to be done for a repair.

Blocked drains are a common problem that can lead to the backup of water. Foul smelling water is one result of water backups into a building or on the street. There are multiple ways to clear a drain pipe to restore water flow. One option is to use a rod to clear a blockage in a pipe. A rod is a mechanical device that drills through roots and paper waste blocking a drain pipe. This is typically not the best solution for cleaning a drain as it does not remove the debris.

Advanced Methods

drain servicesAnother drain maintenance method is water jetting. This is the preferred drain maintenance method for cleaning a blocked drain. A high pressure water hose is used to re-round the drain pipe. Water sent into the pipe under high pressure will scour the debris off the sides of the pipe. Water jetting will restore any blocked drain pipe to like-new condition.

Leaks in a drain pipe can occur from intrusive tree roots. The removal of any tree roots is easily done using water jetting. One problem that often occurs is a cracked pipe. Cracks in a pipe will need to be repaired with a patch or by relining. The process of patching or relining a drain pipe requires no digging. A pipe that does not need to be dug up means the repair is faster and does not damage surrounding property.

Contact an Openshaw drain services company to determine the extent of the problem with a drain pipe. There is a chance an unknown problem may exist. A drain service technician needs to check the pipe to know for sure.

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