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Wigan drain servicesBlocked and collapsed drains in a home are the main reason for water damage caused by backups. The blockage of drains can have many causes, such as the buildup of grease. Drains can also develop a leak over time. One way to check the drain line in a home is to have a CCTV survey performed. This task is done by a professional Wigan drain services company.

A CCTV survey will indicate the condition of the drains in a home or business. If there is an issue with a drain, then drain maintenance may be needed. A visual inspection of a drain with a video camera is the best way to inspect drainage services as it can detect a broken or collapsed pipe.

A Wigan drain services technician will insert a rod that has a camera attached to the end. The rod is inserted into the pipe and pushed all the way through to determine its condition. Video is viewed on a display set up by the operator. Drain services experts will then be able to locate problem areas or determine if there is any blockage that will need to be removed.

Common blockage that appears on a CCTV monitor is grease, paper, and even tree roots. The presence of tree roots will eventually lead to the blockage of the drain. Blocked drains cause water to drain slowly and may lead to eventual backups. Backups of water from a drain causes damage that will be costly for a homeowner or business owner to repair.

The biggest advantage of a CCTV survey is the ability to see the internal structure of the drain pipe. Viewing of a drain through a video monitor allows drainage services experts to get a better idea of how to best solve the issue or problem with the drain. A business or local home may simply need to have drains cleaned. The process of cleaning and removing blockage from drains is done using one of two methods.

drain servicesAdvanced methods

Traditional drain maintenance is performed by using a rod to bore into the pipe. The effect of the rod is to create a hole to allow water to flow through the drain. Blocked drains in a business or in a home will now be cleaned using high pressure water. Hoses are inserted into the drains and water that come out a nozzle under high pressure is used to clean out the drain.

Prior to any drain maintenance in a home or business a CCTV survey needs to be done. This is a better option than digging up a drain pipe to discover any defects. The process is also cost effective as there is no excavation work and a video of the drain is recorded for later review and examination.

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