Blocked Drains – Causes, Complications and Cures

Blocked Drains – Causes, Complications and Cures

Drain UnblockingYou may first suspect your drains are blocked when water is slow to drain in sinks, baths and showers, or toilets fail to flush properly. Outside drains may overflow around manhole areas. The presence of a bad smell may also indicate that drain unblocking is required.

Some of the most common causes of blocked drains include the build up of food debris, hair, soap scum and fat in pipes, reducing the flow of water and causing blockage and smells. Toilet paper, nappies, or sanitary items may block toilets. Outside, leaves and debris can block drains, and tree roots can cause extensive damage to pipes in their search for water.

Over the counter chemicals for clearing drains promise the user a solution but this is only ever likely to be short-term. Such chemicals can be corrosive and dangerous to use, and will not address the root cause of the problem, so it is always advisable to call in the professional help of a local drain unblocking service who will be able to review the situation, and give the best advice.

drain unblockingBlocked drains can be very inconvenient and can cause damage to your property, and even your health. To reduce this risk it is important to deal effectively with blocked drains as soon as possible. The best way is to call in a professional drainage service to assess the problem and carry out drain unblocking on the premises, since they have the tools, experience and expertise to give you a lasting solution.

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