Blocked Drains – Causes, Consequences and Cures

Drain Unblocking

Blocked Drains – Causes, Consequences and Cures

Why drainage is necessary.
Drain UnblockingHouseholds need drainage to take away waste water from the bathroom, toilet, kitchen and washing machines, to the Manchester sewerage system, just beyond the boundary of the property. Rain water that falls on the roof also needs to be removed and thus is drained into the sewers via a separate system.

Causes of Manchester Blocked Drains
Blocked drains can occur anywhere in the extensive drain network for different reasons. One is hair in the shower. Another is non-paper products like wet wipes being flushed down the toilet. Fat washed directly down the kitchen sink is a big offender because it forms a solid plug which clogs the drains. Less obvious and more serious causes are structural problems such as corroded and damaged pipes and tree roots growing through cracks in the pipes. In gutters, pigeons’ nests and droppings cause blockages.

Consequences of Blocked Drains in Manchester
Slow draining, flooding and smells all result from drainage faults. Another is the risk of pest, especially rat, infestation. Rats need a water supply to survive and often enter the building through damaged drains. Blocked gutters lead to water entering the house, damaging timber and eventually causing structural damage.

Manchester  Drain Unblocking
Manchester  Drain unblocking involves detective work to find the cause of the blockage then action to remove it and repair the pipes if needed. Sophisticated closed circuit television technology aids drain unblocking through remote analysis of the inside of the pipes, making diagnosis more definitive. Lastly, complications such as pest infestation are addressed.

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