Clean Graffiti Advertising

What is Manchester Reverse Graffiti?

Reverse graffiti is a novel and unique form of targeted advertising that is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Unlike spray painted graffiti which is damaging to the environment and requires professional removal treatments, reverse graffiti is a clean form of advertising that uses custom stencils and high-pressure washers to imprint your company’s name or logo directly onto street pavements. Over time, the clean part of the pavement will naturally become dirty again, leaving no permanent traces of the advertising campaign, and therefore no negative effects on the environment.

How does Clean Graffiti Advertising in Manchester work?

Clean graffiti advertising Manchester  utilises the existing dirt on heavily used street pavements that accrues over time from high foot traffic. The areas that are targeted by this form of street pavement advertising are therefore already used by a high volume of pedestrians, which ensures that your advertising campaign will be seen by the maximum possible number of people. A custom-made stencil, or a series of stencils, is then applied over the existing dirt, before a high-pressure washer is employed to completely clean the pavement through the stencil, leaving the clean imprint of your advert behind. Photographs of the campaign can then be sent to you via email so that you can see where your adverts have been placed.

Stencils can be made to any design, from company logos, to decorative borders around your premises, or instructions and directions on how to find your business. There is no limit to the number of stencils that can be employed for your advertising campaign, and the design of the stencils can either be custom-made for you, or made to your own specifications. Similarly, the choice of locations for the campaign can either be decided on by yourself, or it can be chosen for you, based on experienced research of which areas would most likely work best for the promotion of your business. The end result is an eye-catching and highly unusual form of advertising that grabs the attention of the public, making your advert both attractive and memorable.

What are the benefits of Clean Graffiti and Manchester Street Pavement Advertising?

Street pavement advertising is highly effective at attracting the attention of all members of the public, from all walks of life, in a remarkably novel and extremely powerful way. Such campaigns can be used to advertise and promote any form of business, from new and existing retail and commercial outlets, to online companies, special events, or product launches and promotions.Manchester Clean graffiti is also an exceptionally eco-friendly form of advertising that has no adverse environmental effects whatsoever. This means that this type of campaign will considerably lower the overall carbon footprint of your business. Billboard posters may reach a limited number of people passing that way, whilst paper flyers often get thrown away without even being looked at, but clean graffiti advertising is capable of instantly grabbing and holding the attention of literally thousands of consumers on a daily basis.


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