Clean Graffiti Advertising FAQ

Manchester Clean Advertising

Looking for advertising that’s different? Something that catches the eye without creating a lot of waste? The reverse graffiti Manchester  may be for you.

Q. What is Reverse Graffiti?

A. Reverse graffiti Manchester is a technique for creating an image on an outdoor surface by taking away dirt and grime, instead of by adding paint. It goes by many names, most commonly Manchester Clean Advertising, but also pavement advertising, green graffiti, Eco-advertising, and others.

Q. How does it Work?
A. Just like a graffiti artist using a stencil to apply spray paint and create an image, Manchester clean advertising uses a pressure washer and stencil. The stencil is placed over the surface, which has to be the right sort of material and be fairly dirty without being too greasy, and high pressure water is sprayed through it. This removes dirt and grime in the pattern of the stencil, creating an image without adding anything to the surface. It’s not destructive and nearly waste-free.

Q. How Long Does it Last?
A. This depends on the type of surface, weather conditions and how busy the area is. An image on the ground outside a busy stadium will fade faster than one on the sheltered side of a building. Typical duration for the images is 1-5 weeks.

Q. Is This Legal?
A. In a word, yes. Because no spray paint or other substance is being applied to the surface, it is not technically graffiti, and the images are not permanent. In the rare event that someone in authority claims the surface has been “damaged” or “defaced”, an explanation of the process used to create the image and its temporary nature usually settles the matter. If someone is really insistent, the images can be erased at a reasonable fee. Although permission isn’t usually needed to create these images, getting permission on private property goes a long way towards preventing any misunderstandings.

Q. How Do I Get One?
A. give us a call and we can talk about timings etc.


Q. Where Can We Cover
A. We cover all major towns and cities in the northwest, Manchester, Stockport, Bolton, Liverpool, Cheshire, Warrington and many more

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