Common Causes For Blocked Manchester Drains

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Common Causes For Blocked Manchester Drains

Common Causes For Blocked Drains In Manchester

drain unblockingOnce in a while, just about every home owner or apartment dweller will find that their Manchester drains are blocked. Usually, the blockages are easy to remedy if they’re caught early though drain cleaning. However, a severely blocked drain can take a bit of work. But here are the five most common reasons drains are blocked:

This is a common cause of blockages. Fat, grease, hair or bits of food inevitably get down the  Manchester drains and form clogs. Toilets are also subject to regular clogging, especially if the household flushes things that should not be flushed, like toys and baby diapers. No matter what’s clogging it up, a clogged toilet needs to be dealt with right away.

Storms and Torrential Rains
What southerners call a “gully washer” can sweep leaves, other debris and mud into the outside Manchester drains and block them. The danger is the debris can back up into the home and might even affect the septic system on the property. If the main drain is clogged because of a storm, jetting may be the answer. In jetting, water is forced through the pipe at high pressure to clear out any debris that’s there.

Broken Pipes
Though some people believe that when a pipe breaks it frees whatever debris is trapped inside, a broken pipe might also collapse in on itself. This will cause even an otherwise clear drain to either not drain or to drain very slowly. Pipes can beak because they weren’t winterized, because they’re old or because they’ve been invaded by tree roots. A CCTV inspection, where a Manchester drain camera attached to a monitor is snaked down the pipe to the source of the problem, can help diagnose what’s really happening with a broken pipe.

Badly Installed Pipes
Installing a pipe may be easy if the installer knows what he or she is doing. Unfortunately, many DIYers don’t. Pipes that aren’t installed correctly won’t work well and can cost money to repair or replace.

Bad Water Flow
This is related to badly installed pipes. Because plumbing works on gravity, it’s important that there be adequate downward slopes in the piping. If not, debris can block the Manchester drains. Again, CCTV inspection might be able to pinpoint the problem.

Homeowners who can’t clear out clogs in their drains through plungers or snakes should contact a plumber. A good Manchester drain company  might be expensive, but a well done drain cleaning will save the homeowner money over time.

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