Do You Know the Main Causes of Drain Blockages?

Do You Know the Main Causes of Drain Blockages?

We’re not just here to help when there is a blockage in your drain – we can also help you stop those blockages in the first place.

For example do you know the main causes of the blockages in many homes?  Well, here they are – in no particular order!

Toilet Paper – ok we all know this is deigned to go down the loo – but not in excessive amounts.  When far too much is flushed it can all clog together and get stuck or caught on smaller stuck items and cause a blockage.

Baby Items – baby wipes are not designed like toilet paper and are not meant to be flushed down the toilet, they don’t break down and can easily get snagged in your system.  Nappies are also a big no no.  Think about their purpose – to hold fluid and expand to do so – definitely one that is likely to get stuck in your drain if flushed!

Fat and Grease – one for the kitchen sink this time.  Pouring used cooking materials down your sink is a ‘recipe’ for disaster as it will congeal quickly upon leaving the pan, even if you pour boiling water down this too will quickly cool leaving a sticky substance lining the inside of your pipes.

So, if you can avoid these as much as possible you might be able to avoid a visit from us!

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