Roots in Your Manchester Drains

Roots in Your Manchester Drains

tree rootsThere are several clues that there may be tree roots in your Manchester drain system. This problem can be expensive to fix, therefore it would be in your best interest to have a specialist look at it as soon as possible, to avoid the damage getting worse. Ideally, the specialist would recommend a complete tree root removal.

The first sign of tree roots in your Manchester drains would be slow-moving or blocked drains. Maybe chemicals don’t treat this problem effectively, or maybe the problem is persistent.

The second tell-tale sign would be that your toilet is gurgling and talking to you when you flush it. No matter how much you use the plunger, the toilet does not keep quiet. The toilet may even become completely blocked.

And finally, maybe it is just one toilet or one Manchester blocked drain, but the toilet on the other side of the house is just fine. Perhaps the tree’s roots have not extended that far yet, and the problem is only present in that particular pipe.

The very function of tree roots is to search for and absorb all the nutrients and water that it can find. All it needs is one tiny little crack to allow one hair-like root to infiltrate. This root will expand and grow allowing more roots in. They can grow up to hundreds of metres, right underneath your house. The roots will act as a net, catching your household waste material and effluent resulting in blocked drains in Manchester. This is why it is important to have a tree root removal service, before the roots take over!

When it comes to the health and sanitation of your family, call in the professionals to do what they have been trained to do, what they do every day of their lives…

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