Time to Think About Your Gutters and Drains

Time to Think About Your Gutters and Drains

Although it is still technically Summer for some time yet, it already feels and looks like Autumn!   Did you know the Americans call autumn ‘fall’ due to all the leaves falling from the trees?

And there, is where this time of year can cause frustration for home and business owners. Whilst it can be lovely to look at the rusty coloured carpeting of pine needles, with our weather these will soon be washed away by a downpour… straight into your outdoor drains!

The other issue at this time of year, after a summer of sunshine and showers, is that various plants and debris have taken up home – and started sprouting – in your gutters.

You may think this is not a big deal. What’s the worst that can happen? Well, there are many ways this can go:

  • Manchester Gutter CleaningGround level drain blockages can cause:
    • o Sewage backup
    • o Puddles
    • o Water damage
  • Gutter debris ranges from:
    • o Simply being an eyesore
    • o To the gutter being unable to take the weight of the debris and requiring repaired or replaced
    • o To leaks or overflows causing potential water damage to your property.


These issues are easy to fix – or even better, to prevent – with the right expertise and equipment and should be part of your business or household regular maintenance.

To avoid potential risk of a ladder injury, call us, the professionals.

Being situated outdoors means gutter debris issues and outdoor drain blockages can be cleared and remedied without you even having to be at home.

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