Why You Should Hire A Manchester Drain Cleaning Company

blocked drain

Why You Should Hire A Manchester Drain Cleaning Company

Why You Should Hire A Manchester Drain Cleaning Company
Why You Have Your Drains Cleaned

blocked drainUnderground storm water and sewer pipes share common reasons for blockages. That reason is damage from invasive tree roots. In older drain pipes, roots can enter where pipe section joints occur. This can be due to cracks at the joint or failure to properly seal the joint. Roots take advantage of slight problems in pipes to break through the wall of the pipe. When Manchester blockages occur, Manchester drain cleaning is required as soon as possible.

Failure to lay pipe with sufficient slope, or gradient, is another common problem. When there is insufficient slope, the water in the pipe does not move fast enough to maintain momentum. Momentum of the water is what keeps trash from building up in the pipe. When material other than water builds up, eventually a blockage occurs.

If the pipe was laid with too many bends the same situation exists as with pipe laid without enough slope. Even more momentum is required so that water can move debris around a bend or turn in a pipe. If another bend occurs soon after debris has cleared on bend, a blockage can occur very easily.

Underground pipes which are improperly installed can result in misalignment or even cave-in of the underground pipe. This can be caused by improper preparation of the trench where the pipe has been laid. In areas prone to frequent ground movement damage can occur that eventually allows root system creep into the pipes. Pipes laid too near tree species, that get very large, will eventually suffer a blockage problem. Large tree roots have the ability to crush pipes that are older, after a long time in the ground.

Drain jetting cleaningDrain cleaning can also be required for blockages caused by improper items being flushed into the drain. The only thing that should be flushed into a drain is liquid or semi-liquid material. Any other substance, such as toilet paper or toilet paper alternatives must be marked as water soluble and flush-able. Items that are not water soluble, such as carton or wire frames that hold toilet deodorizers, should never be flushed into a drain. some times its always best to seek expert advice so give a Manchester drain cleaning company a call.

A professional plumber should be called immediately when a blockage is suspected. Inexperienced attempts to clear the blockage often make the situation more difficult to correct. A professional Manchester drain service has special tools and procedures, such as water jetting or the use of CCTV inspection equipment in Manchester, to clear a blockage in the fastest possible manner.

Jetting is a process that involves injection of water under pressure to help the fluid in the drain gain the momentum it needs to clear the blockage. CCTV inspection is used when the drain pipes have a history of blockage. The Manchester drain cleaning company will  lowers a small video camera into the pipe at the end of a cable. This can determine the cause of the block and help pinpoint the location that needs repair. When feasible, old drains should be checked to correct problems before they become major repair events.

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